I believe it should be mandatory for every home to hold all the water which falls on their property.  This would help the environment in a large way because holding all the water on your property builds the water table (which many people depend on in the form of their well); builds the overall bank of water in the ground available to your plants, especially trees; and it helps build top soil because it fuels your plants better.  Holding water can take the form of swales, rain barrels, heavy mulching, rain gardens, and dry wells.

  • Swales are a core systematic design structure which are design to capture water running down a hill, and hold it in the swale system until it all soaks into the soil.
  • Rain barrels are a great and simple method to capture all the water falling on your home.  The amount of water the average home can harvest from their roof is surprisingly high.  This water can be used to water a lawn, or even incorporated into a grey water system.
  • Heavy mulching a another easy way to capture more water and hold it on your property.  Free mulch is often available from your local municipality which comes from the trimming and maintenance of public trees.
  • Rain gardens capture water by collecting it in a small hole in the ground, and then allowing it to sit there (for usually less than a day) until it all soaks into the soil.